Michael A. Santarlas O.D.

Dr Michael Santarlas
Michael A. Santarlas O.D.
Dr. Santarlas is a 2002 graduate of University of Missouri-St. Louis School of Optometry.  He has practiced in private, corporate and university eye care in three states.  He is currently in private practice in San Diego, California.
He is a member of the AOA,  and in the past a part of the following state organizations:  HOA - Hawaiian Optometric Assn, COA - California Optometric Assn and IOA - Illinois Optometric Assn along with their respective societies.  He is an active Lions club member and has been a part of organizations helping to advance Optometry as a profession.   
Why the TOS?
Without pan proper input, polls, pulse and the opportunity of opinion of every OD, the profession can not speak with one voice.  The TOS can access that information from optometrists and offer that data as help to grow as a cohesive group.   The TOS can be a voice of the Optometrist.  Every Optometrist.